Forever Sharp Culinary Executive Series

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The set comes with 4 various blades that are difficult to blunt – easy to clean, and non-stick coated blades.

  • The multi-purpose knives will carve through frozen food, tough bread, and if you’ve seen the in-store demonstration – even a hammer!
  • The Filet is very flexible, making it an ease to slice through that tender fish.
  • 4 Steak knives – to easily handle those rare, medium and well done steaks.
  • The very popular Paring Knives – great for vegetables and fruit.
  • Not forgetting our Californian Juice Extractors.

Our kitchen knives are fun, fashionable and affordable making it a very popular choice with young and old. Super sharp, uniquely designed and dishwasher safe. All knives come with a lifetime guarantee.